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Emmerlich stocking factory

The Emmerlich stocking factory, also known as the "Hunnert", is not the hundredth stocking factory in the Ore Mountains - there are no street names in the village at this time, instead the buildings are simply numbered consecutively. The Emmerlich stocking factory, designed by architect Curt am Ende in 1928, is simply the hundredth building on the list. 

The factory stands out from the rest of the buildings in the village because of its red clinker bricks and its enormous size. Quite optimistically, the west facade is plastered, in preparation for a possible extension of the building, but curiously the building is never used as a stocking factory. At first it is turned into a grain warehouse, then follow several changes in ownsership. During the war, prisoners of war produce aircraft parts for the Luftwaffe here.  

After the the war, temporary walls are built in, resulting in some bizarre floor plans. The factory is turned into a residential building until the 1990s. After several temporary uses, even demolition is discussed, but fortunately discarded. Ever since, the city has been looking for a new concept, the condition of the building is good and the floor plans are extremely flexible. In the middle of the very quaint village, the right idea and the right impulse could breathe new life into the "Hunnert". 


Auerbacher Str. 34, Hormersdorf
Curt am Ende