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Conversion of the Central-Theater

As early as 1912, the Central-Theater was built in Döbeln's Bahnhofstraße with an impressive 364 seats at the time. When the architect Werner Retzlaff redesigned the building in 1937, the Central-Theater literally took on a new radiance with the illuminated letters on the roof and the forecourt lined with illuminated showcases.

The building survives the war without major damage, but over the years various alterations become necessary for additional events until the cinema has to close in 1986. After a few years of vacancy, the building becomes a warehouse for theatre sceneries and an antique shop in 1995. In 2001, the Döbelner dancing club takes over, renovates the building and brings it back to life. But after a few years, the association can no longer afford the costs and has to sell the building.

Since then, the revival has been difficult and potential interests and visions have unfortunately not been successful. The Central-Theater is a Sleeping Beauty currently in a slumber, but with the right vision and the right support, there is still hope for the alarm clock to ring in time.

Bahnhofstr. 7a, Döbeln
Werner Retzlaff