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Staré Splavy (German: Thammühl am See) lies on the shores of the Máchovo jezero (Mácha Lake) and is a popular holiday destination in the Czech Republic. In the 1920s, a wealthy clientele from the big cities builds impressive summer residences here. But in 1931, a sanatorium is built for the miners of the region and their families, due to the good air quality. 

The architects Josef Reihsig and Paul Krisch design the building with an overwhelming lake view and spacious terraces. The strict spatial separation between adults and children is remarkable. The time spent at the sanatorium is more like a stay at a health resort than a family holiday and promises relaxation for the parents as well. After the Second World War, the sanatorium continues to operate as a recreation home for trade union members. In 1990 it becomes private property and is today part of the neighbouring hotel.  

Since 1990, there have been some alterations to the interior, the former garden has become a parking lot, and the beautiful view of the lake is now obstructed by tall pine trees. From the outside, however, the former sanatorium has retained much of its original charm. With careful renovation and the right furniture, a real jewel could be created here for architecture fans seeking relaxation. Definitely worth a visit anyways.  

Lázeňský vrch 156, Staré Splavy
Josef Reihsig und Paul Krisch
in use