Boldness in Building - experiments of modernism

The early 20th century was a time of discoveries, technical progress and social changes that have impact on our everyday lives today. New needs, but also new possibilities, gave rise to an architectural epoch that is generally referred to as modernism. From 2012 to 2014, TOPOMOMO explored the region between Bautzen, Weißwasser and Liberec to look out for the touristic possibilities of architectural modernism. The buildings selected at that time can be found under "Locations #1".

With the continuation of the project since 2021, TOPOMOMO has set itself the task of analysing the problems and potentials of the buildings along the Saxon-Czech border. You can find the relevant examples under "Locations #2". Some of them have always been in use, some could already be revived and thus saved, others are empty today and some are threatened with demolition. The tours will be added to step by step. 

The selection presented here does not claim to be complete. TOPOMOMO is intended to lay the foundation for a cross-border network. To get there, we must bring together the many committed players, support each other with our expert knowledge and cooperate with our neighbours across borders. We can only unearth the huge treasure of our common architectural and cultural heritage by working together. We are convinced that the spirit of innovation and the belief in the future of the owners and architects of that time are part of the architecture and are still present in the buildings today. It is TOPOMOMO's goal to reawaken this spirit of innovation for us and for future generations. 

Discover with us a special form of modernism in the TOPOMOMO region, far away from metropolises or big cities. Combine locations to create your individual TOPOMOMO tour, from day trip to educational tour, and explore the suggested route in our tour planner. And while the old TOPOMOMO travel book is unfortunately out of print, we are fuelling anticipation for our new TOPOMOMO paperback, due out in early December 2022. There you will find all the background stories, the current challenges and the respective plans for the individual buildings from our current project. As always, we are excited!

We love networks! That's why we are always thankful for support, hints and advice. Just get in touch with us. 

Project partners

Stiftung Haus Schminke

Technical University of Liberec


European Union - European Regional Development Fund

TOPOMOMO was funded by the European Union as a Ziel3-Cíl3-project. The continuation of TOPOMOMO was also funded by the European Union in the programme "Ahoi sousede - Hallo Nachbar".