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Extension Phänomen-Factory Gustav Hiller

In 1888, the Karl Gustav Hiller founded the Phänomen-Werke in Zittau and becomes a true pioneer in vehicle design. His company is soon established in directly across the railway station. The building by Erich Basarke follows the so-called „Reformstil“ - cautiously modern, but still with many traditional style elements. The later extensions by the Zittau architects Löwe & Wäntig are far more progressive. The clinker brick buildings on the corner of Marschnerstraße are characterised by high, narrow windows and a façade rhythmised with vertical pilasters.

During the war, the company is involuntarily made a defence industry enterprise, and afterwards nationalised for the exact same reason, albeit under a new name. The „VEB ROBUR-Werke“ regain their success, but in 1991 the Treuhand decides to liquidate it and all employees are laid off.

The long vacancy and various changes of ownership follow. The buildings start to fall apart, and emergency safety measures become more and more urgent. The city of Zittau would like to upgrade the area directly across the railway station. The adjacent site of the former Societätsbrauerei offers various points of contact and also phenomenal possibilities for the fallow neighbouring property. It is high time!

Eisenbahnstraße, Zittau
Löwe and Wäntig architects