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"City" commercial building and Grand Garage Strass

At the beginning of the 1920s Liberec (German: Reichenberg) is the leading centre for the textile, metal and car industry in Northern Bohemia. At that time, there are already several modern large car parks in the city. In 1929, a new commercial building called "City“ with integrated car park is built between the railway station and the city centre by the textile businessman Hugo Strass. 

The tower at the end of the building hosts the administration, while in the main building each floor has around 1,000 square metres for offices and shops behind long strips of ribbon windows. Behind the building there is the car park with a repair and car wash service, a petrol station and a canteen. On the tower the letters "CITY" shine into the darkness. 

The Jewish Strass family flees to the USA in 1938. After the war, the Research Institute for Textile Machinery (VÚTS for short) moves in. In the 1960s the garages in the back have to make way for the high-rise building designed by architect Zdeněk Plesník. When the district administration moves in there in the year 2000, the "CITY" comes back into focus. Since the elaborate renovation, the four letters on the tower mark the word "KRAJ" (Czech for district). Today, several companies are located here that deal with regional development, European funding and support for start-ups. A real TOPOMOMO place.   

U Jezu 525/4, Liberec
Oskar Baudisch
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