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The Hirschfelde Power Plant

The tremendously impressive power plant in Hirschfelde was counted as one of the most traditional industrial enterprises in Upper Lusatia. A first power plant was built on the site in 1911, and was extended between 1921 and 1925. The concrete framework skeleton is still in its place and is fitted with coloured clinker brickwork and is covered by a roof over 150 metres long. The plant was operational for more than 100 years and was continually adapted to meet ever changing needs. Until the 1980s, the lignite came from the nearby open-cast mines in Poland, which gave the plant the official title of »Friedensgrenze« (Border of Peace). It was closed and declared a listed building in 1992. Access to the general public was made possible by the formation of a charitable foundation, which now hosts a museum with ample exhibits from when the site was operational.

Straße zum Kraftwerk 3, 02788 Zittau
amongst others Werner Issel (1884 – 1974)
1921 – 1925