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The Liebieg Villa

At first glance, this grand estate does not seem to have much in common with the progressive thinking of the period between the two World Wars. Hidden behind its curtains, however, is an exciting story of the history of early automotive transport: the textile tycoon and automobile pioneer Baron Theodor von Liebieg set up a garage along with a petrol station and a petrol tower in the backstreet coach-house in the year 1894. It was reputedly Europe's first private car garage. This garage was also the starting point of his 900 kilometer journey to Koblenz in his 4 HP Benz Victoria in 1894, which is deemed to be the first ever documented long-distance journey in an automobile. The nearby company town »Liebiegstadt« offered a good quality of living to the factory's employees. It followed the contemporary philosophy of the »Garden town«.

Jablonecká 41/27, 460 05 Liberec
Adolf Bürger (1839 – 1901), Humbert Walcher von Molthein (1865 – 1926), Jakob Schmeissner (1874 – 1955)
1896 – 1911
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