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The Hotel Ještěd

This prominent building on the top of the mountain peak Ještěd is the Symbol of the entire Liberec region. This building, which replaced the mountain hotel that burnt down in 1963, is a particularly outstanding example of post-war architecture in our triangle of borders. It was the project of the architect Karel Hubáček in a contest widely discussed in public. The majority of the population preferred a more conservative, reluctant design. The jury, however, settled for the brave and straight design by Hubáček, who was the only entrant to integrate a radio tower and a hotel in a single building. This completely air-conditioned building combines many elements from the field of technology and space travel; at the same time, the interior expresses luxury with its classy furniture and fittings. Even today, a restaurant and the self-catering apartments of the hotel attract visitors; a night in one of these upper-floor rooms is always a special experience.

Horní Hanychov 153, 460 08 Liberec
Karel Hubáček (1924 – 2011)
1965 – 73
in use