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The Hásek House

This residence, built by Heinrich Lauterbach, shimmers a brilliant white from the south-sloping hill it perches atop. It overlooks the surrounding town with a full panoramic view of both the Czech and Polish Giant Mountains. The original owner of the house, Jaroslav Hásek, was a famous jewellery trader, who ran, together with his brother Rudolf, an internationally successful export business. He met his architect 1929 in Breslau at the international building exhibition WUWA. Lauterbach designed the house based on an L-shaped layout with a maritime-styled interior, which has unfortunately only partly survived. After 1945, the house was repurposed for various uses such as a Kindergarten. Today, the house is privately owned again and declared a listed building.

Průběžná 449/10, 466 02 Jablonec nad Nisou
Heinrich Lauterbach (1893 – 1973)