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The Friedrich-Fröbel-School in Olbersdorf

The ideas underpinning educational reform together with the growing demand for educational institutions in the Weimar Republic led to the construction of a large number of schools in Saxony, which were also designed to represent the modern Zeitgeist. The school in Olbersdorf, opened in 1928, was considered in its day one of the region's most progressive. Not only is it an example of an unfussy expressionist building, but also interesting in terms of the organizational procedures in everyday school life. A large arrangement of showers made it possible for all the children in the nearby villages to have a decent shower at least once a week. Body-conscious personal hygiene was then undergoing a significant upsurge in popularity. The historic gymnasium, fitted with a spectacular luminous ceiling, is a strong testament to the glorification of this new body-conscious culture. The award-winning renovation of the school included the restoration of many of its original details. Today the building houses a special school. It is named after the founder of the first Kindergarten, Friedrich Fröbel.

Schulweg 13, 02785 Olbersdorf
Wilhelm Hermann Jost (1887 – 1948)
1927 / 28
in use