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GEG Mill Oppach

Today, the town of Oppach is mostly known for its mineral water production. The imposing red clinker brick building of the GEG Mill is very clearly visible if you approach the town from the north. It is one the most important examples of the New Objectivity movement in Saxony. Plans existed to double the size of the factory we see today. The factory building was offically opened in 1930 and served as a production facility of the German Großeinkaufsgenossenschaft Deutscher Konsumvereine, GEG (Wholesale Cooperative of German Consumers Associations). However after 1933, the cessation of production in the factory was enforced by a decision of the Reich Ministry of Economy. After the building was bought by the Berlin-based company Siemens & Schuckert in 1938, production was shifted to the manufacture of direction-finding transmitters for submarines among other things. After the war in 1945, the building began to house the production of electronics. Today, this building accommodates a number of small enterprises and a solar company.

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