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The Catholic parish church St. Josef in Niesky

The timber construction company Christoph & Unmack was founded in 1882 under the name »Doecker'sche Barackenfabrikation Christoph & Unmack« (Doecker's Barrack Manufacture) in the village of Neuhof in close vicinity to Niesky. Over the years, it became a leading manufacturer of industrially prefabricated timber buildings. Even in the 1920s, Christoph & Unmack constructed a large number of prototype timber buildings which followed traditional styles. Later on, the style was further and further chipped away at, leaving intact the most essential elements. The Parish Church of St. Joseph was build in 1935, in only 4 months. The church was, fully in keeping with the tradition of industrial timber construction, a prototype that was also placed at several other locations. Again it is this Sachlichkeit (objectivity) that helped shape the church. Today it is the property of the Catholic parish of St. Joseph in Niesky.

Rosenstraße 3, 02906 Niesky
Kurt Langer (1901 – 80)
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