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The Christ Church in Görlitz-Rauschwalde

This strictly functionalist church was built in 1937 by the architect Otto Bartning. The unusual north-south orientation is even more emphasized by the southwards-pointing bell tower which can be quite irritating. Even then, Otto Bartning was already on the top of German architecture. In the 1920s, together with Walter Gropius, he developed the foundational concepts of the Weimar Bauhaus. In the time that followed he became one of the most important exponents of modern sacred architecture in the Weimar Republic. Therefore, also the Christ Church bears the marks of modernism: horizontal window hinges, unpretentiously plastered façades, and a bell tower that is in its quadratically shaped layout pocked only by small window apertures. Even though the interior is plainly plastered white, it remains comfortably bright in spite of the small windows, the space elegantly epitomises the simplicity of modernism.

Diesterwegplatz 1, 02827 Görlitz
Otto Bartning (1883 – 1959)
1936 /37
Visit after service, Sun 10 a.m.