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The Bautzen Town Museum

The history of the Bautzen Town Museum (Bautzener Stadtmuseum) dates back to 1868. It was the passionate Bautzen-born art collector Oscar Roesger who put the establishment of a museum on the town's political agenda. His own extensive collection had been presented to the public in 1869 in two separate exhibition rooms at an address on Wendischer Graben in Bautzen. The collection continued to grow steadily over the following years, prompting the construction of a new home for the collection at the start of the 20th Century as being a stark necessity. Thanks to the establishment of a charitable foundation by the wealthy Bautzen-based entrepreneur Carl Ernst Otto Weigang, the new construction could begin in earnest in 1910. The ever-growing collection, however, soon required further extensions, which were designed and built in 1930/31 by the Dresden-based architect Otto Schubert. The premises were shared equally by the Sparkasse bank and the museum, and they included, inter alia, an exhibition room with an impressive luminous ceiling.

Kornmarkt 1, 02625 Bautzen
A. Göhre (1870 – 1951); R. Görling; O. Schubert (1878 – 1968)
1910 – 12; 1930 /31
Open Tue - Sun 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.