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The Baťa Department Store

This seemingly ageless nine-storey department store can be found on the Soukenné náměstí in Liberec. The rounded front with horizontal window hinges was designed by the architect Vladimír Karfík, head of the planning department with the Baťa shoe company. By the time he designed the store, Karfík was already an internationally recognized architect; he had, among other luminaries, already worked for Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright. For Baťa he designed the majority of the shop floors and dwellings for the workers in Zlín, but also a number of department stores. This one in Liberec makes quite an impression with its imposing lobby. The self-supporting front of the building winds its way dynamically around the corner of the square and is further emphasized by a light strip with chrome-plated outlines. Inside the building, which was extensively renovated in 1993, there is still a Baťa shoe store.

Soukenné náměstí 23/10, 460 07 Liberec
Vladimír Karfík (1901 – 96)
1931 / 32
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