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The Kindt House in Weisswasser

Up to the present day, the famous »Manual for the Construction Expert, the Teacher and the Learner«(Handbuch für den Baufachmann, Bauherren, Lehrenden und Lernenden, 38th edition, 2005) by the German architect Ernst Neufert, simply called »The Neufert«, is considered the benchmark of German architecture. Ernst Neufert was also the architect of the Kindt House. He studied at the Bauhaus university, worked in the studio of the famous Walter Gropius, and was a teacher at the academy Bauhochschule Weimar. His work in Upper Lusatia, however, is far less known. In the 1930s, Neufert became the resident architect for the glassworks in Weißwasser, where he worked together with the glass designer Wilhelm Wagenfeld. The two knew each other from their days at Bauhaus. In 1936, Neufert designed the private home for the director of the factory, Dr. Bruno Kindt. The house is rather simple in style, yet it was originally equipped with some rather sophisticated details, such as the retractable windows in the living room. It is an example of Mr. Neufert's development of highly technical and functional architecture. During the era of National Socialism he was appointed as »Commissioner for Standardization at the General Building Inspector for the Reich Capital Albert Speer«. After the war, Neufert designed the Quelle mail order warehouse in Nürnberg (1955) among other many others.

Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 10, 02943 Weißwasser/Oberlausitz
Ernst Neufert (1900 – 86)