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Adolf Hopp designed the new theatre for the town of Zittau in 1932 after the original theatre had burnt to the ground. After its completion in 1936, it was opened under the designation »Grenzlandtheater« (Frontier theatre), which was a rather common designation at the time for a theatre in a border town, and served the purpose of cultural segregation from its neighbouring countries. Expanding the theatre to a total frontal length of 200 metres was planned in 1942, however these plans were never carried out. The interior follows a clear style and is used to this day for its original purpose. The larger hall seats an audience of up to 400. Its most striking element of style is an outsized glass glower, manufactured in 1936 in the nearby Czech town of Jablonec nad Nisou.

Theaterring 12, 02763 Zittau
Adolf Hopp (1901 – 80)
1935 / 36
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