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The Radostín Sanatorium

The Bohemian Paradise shows its real beauty in the town of Radostín. A modern sanatorium was built here in 1930. This functionalist structure has been largely preserved in its original state. With its more than 100 beds, its own kitchen, a large dining hall, and facilities for games and sports, the complex is now a boarding school for regional students. The symmetrically laid out two-storey building clearly shows the functionalist approach of the architect Ladislav Kozák. The generously glassed central structure divides the façade into two wings. These wings house the living rooms, each with an entry to the traverse balconies which boast gorgeous views of the Bohemian landscape. The cut roof was accessible in the 1930s. In its overall appearance, the structure is similar in many respects to the 1935 De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill on Sea on the English south coast designed by Erich Mendelsohn and Serge Chermayeff.

Radostín 10, 463 44 Sychrov
Ladislav Kozák (1900 – 88)
1930 / 31