The romantic banks of the Neisse connect the two cities of Gorlitz and Zittau – two towns steeped in history in the east of Lusatia. Churches, schools and power stations are but a number of buildings that show how much the region blossomed in the period between the two World Wars.

The tour along the Neisse focuses on the towns of Görlitz and Zittau which both lie on the Polish border. Görlitz and Zittau do not only offer picturesque old towns, but also interesting testimonies to the architectural modernity in the years between the two World Wars. The Topmomo-Stations of this tour are in particular churches, schools and cultural institutions. The former power plant in Hirschfelde and the open-cast mining site Turów on the outskirts of the Polish town Bogatynia, however, tell a story about the Region»s history as an important energy supplier. After all the architecture, you may want to take a hike in the forested Zittau Mountains. The border triangle between the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany offers countless possibilities for trips.