Starting 01/01/2021

TOPOMOMO with a new start

More TOPOMOMO since the beginning of this year

After the project “TOPOMOMO - Boldness in building - Rediscovered”, which was completed in 2014, the continuation will start on 01.01.2021: “TOPOMOMO - Modern Experimental Land”.

Today the region along the Saxon-Czech border is quite rural. The formerly up-and-coming industrial region is often underestimated in terms of its importance concerning art and social history and its architectural value. At the same time, the project area is heavily affected by structural change. Occurring vacancies damage the substance and have a negative impact on the external impact and overall image of the locations and the region.

This is where TOPOMOMO comes in: Buildings in smaller locations in particular depend on communication and networking with one another. Strategic impulses developed jointly in idea workshops and the emerging TOPOMOMO network strengthen the sense of community and belonging to a common cultural heritage. This applies not only to the municipalities, owners and operators of the buildings concerned, but to the entire population. The journey to this "experimental land" will be exciting!

The project is part of the cooperation program to promote cross-border cooperation between the Free State of Saxony and the Czech Republic 2014-2020 with funds from the European Regional Development Fund.